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Zombicide: Black Ops [Board Game, 1-12 Players]

by Asmodee



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Zombicide: Black Ops from CMON Limited and Asmodee is an expansion for the Zombicide: Invader board game. It is compatible with the whole Zombicide sci-fi range.

We are the Black Squad. The best color for covert ops and for letting people know that they’d better forget us. We were on a wet job when emergency calls came in from the planet PK-L7, the main platform for extracting the precious Xenium fuel.

The aliens there have turned bloodthirsty, infected by something, and have overrun the base. The stakes are too high for us to sit idle. The high command ordered us to protect the Xenium. We decided to protect the people. Perhaps some compromise can be made. Or we do both. Yeah, that sounds like a challenge worthy of the Black Squad. Ready your weapons, buddy. We're going to war!

The Xenos are now deeply entrenched on the planet PK-L7, threatening to turn everything into an infected hive. Join the Black Squad to accomplish 10 Missions behind enemy lines! You will need new weapons and machines to face the new Juggernaut Abomination that guards the dangerous Xenium pods on three new game tiles, representing an infested base.

When Xenium was first found on PK-L7, it seemed like humanity’s dream. Now, it’s a nightmare. Thankfully, the humans have nightmares of their own to send against the marauding aliens. They’re the Black Ops squad, and they’re going to get as many survivors out of that hellhole as they can.

Zombicide: Invader’s Black Ops expansion set lets players dive further into the heart of PK-L7 and fight against the terrible Xenos in new ways. The set includes six new Survivor figures, each with their own dashboard full of special abilities, as well as a new Bot and a new type of Sentry Gun. But they’ll have their work cut out for them, as the Juggernaut Abomination is roaming around.

Playing through a new 10-mission campaign, their job is to save people and grab as much Xenium as they can. Are you strong enough to wear black?


  • Black Ops Expansion - A Zombicide: Invader core box is required to enjoy this expansion.
  • New Survivors - The six members of the black ops Squad are pure professionals, ready to take the fight to the Xenos is every dark corner of PKL7.
  • New Scenarios - The set contains a new 10- Mission campaign that will utilize the three new double-sided game tiles that also come with it, challenging players in new ways.
  • New Horrors - The juggernaut abomination is patrolling the hallways of the infected outpost. It can only be destroyed by the biggest of weapons. Good thing the black ops Squad has some onhand.