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ToyLet Potty Training Toilet with Comfy Potty Chair - White [House & Home]

by ToyLet



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The ToyLet Potty Training Toilet is a toddler-sized mini toilet. The realistic design helps your kid associate the ToyLet with the grown up version and learn to imitate adults, older siblings or potty-trained peers.

The flushing sound button, toilet roll holder, the lid that can be moved down to cover the bowl and the storage compartment for wipes and toys are all realistic and fun details that help your toddler go diaper free. The removable bowl is easy to lift, empty and clean.

ToyLet is compact and light: it can easily be placed where your toddler feels comfortable using it and it can be taken along if you are traveling.

The potty will encourage your child to learn healthy hygiene habits while speeding up the process of traditional potty training, making them feel like a ‘Big Kid’! Mission: potty training. Accomplished!


  • ToyLet training potty takes less than 2 minutes to set up comes equipped with a sound module to congratulate your toddler for a job well done, as well as storage for baby wipes and toilet paper holder.
  • Toilet training reflects a major milestone in a child's development. Several baby books discuss and help parents with this topic. With this in mind we developed a safe and easy to use training potty for kids aged 1+.
  • There is no need for a step stool, baby chair or potty training seat as the ToyLet is perfectly designed for the height of your toddler and is inclusive of all their needs. Your child will feel excited and proud to sit on this adult-like toilet and will progress quickly out of diapers or training pants.
  • ToyLet potty training system is designed and produced in Europe for toddlers 18m +. ToyLet is the only training potty to incorporate a seat cover to make potty training a smell free experience. No additional baby items or toddler chair is required as ToyLet has all your childs needs in potty training covered.
  • The front of the potty seat has integrated splash protection for the boys. ToyLet is easy to stow away & a great travel system to use while teaching your baby potty training. Always be happy, positive, take time when potty training your toddler as this is the first major step in their life towards being big boys and girls.
  • The removable seat of the ToyLet is designed to be a bowl and a potty seat at the same time. While you take time to congratulate your baby for a job well done, use the lid cover to stop any smells escaping. Give hugs and make your boy or a girl proud so they want to do this again and again. Potty training your toddler with ToyLet is easier and will feel more natural than use of squatty potty as it’s look, feel and design resembles a real toilet.