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The Lost Child - Limited Edition [PlayStation 4]



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In The Lost Child from NIS America for the Sony PS4, occult journalist Hayato Ibuki encounters a strange girl during his investigations into a series of mysterious suicides in Tokyo. She implores that Hayato must live, before bestowing upon him a mystical case that allows him to capture celestial and arcane creatures.

Inside the case, he finds the demon gun Gangour, a tool used to capture and use demons and fallen angels. Hayato uses it to turn a demon into a team member. With the Gangour in hand, Hayato, accompanied by the self proclaimed angel, Lua, investigate mysteries around the country while looking for that beautiful girl.

Little does he realize that he is caught between the ambitions of the dark rulers and the expectations of the angels...

One day, an angel named Lua appears before him, claiming that he is the Chosen One. While Hayato is walking around the Shinjuku area with Lua, he is attacked by a hooded figure who it turns out is a demon called a "Deep One." Hayato powers up the Gangour, captures, and then uses the demon. Lua, while supporting Hayato, tries to look for her missing sister, Balucia. Hayato and Lua head to Akihabara to investigate a mysterious rumor.

Hayato is now thrust into a world beyond our own, home to horrific monsters and celestial beings. In it, he must delve into dungeons called Layers and solve the mystery of the device!

Where Hayato's journey leads him could decide the fate of our world...

This Limited Edition includes The Lost Child PS4 game, the Official Soundtrack, the Official Hardcover Artbook and a Collector's Box!


  • Mythology Unbound - Features 50+ entities from myths and legends to capture, each with 3 unique forms to progress through!
  • Spread the Wealth of Knowledge - There are more than 250 skills to learn and distribute among your party of captured Astrals.
  • The Infinite Abyss Awaits - Test yourself against massive dungeons with up to 99 floors of deathly dangers!
  • This Limited Edition Includes - The Lost Child PS4 game, the Official Soundtrack, the Official Hardcover Artbook and a Collector's Box!