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The Eye of Typhoon - Anniversary Edition [PC & 3DO]



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A fierce duel for father’s revenge! The Eye of Typhoon, the No.1 Pride of Korean Fighting Game, is back with the The Eye of Typhoon - Anniversary Edition from Viccom and Limited Run Games for the Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and PC Computers.

First Limited Edition repackage of the eye of typhoon includes: The Eye of Typhoon 3DO English version CD (24 Pages of Game Manual , Korean version), The Eye of Typhoon PC English version CD (20 Pages of Game Manual, Korean version), The Eye of Typhoon Korean version CDs for PC/3DO (World's first release, including page 24 of the Arrange game manual, Korean version), a high-quality special case that can hold all the components, 13 high-quality hologram character cards (including skill tables), a secret book of Viccom (The perfect fighting strategies of the Eye of Typhoon included, 50 pages), a free participation ticket of The Eye of Typhoon Remake (KRW 59,800), choose one of PC, Xbox, Playstation Platform, write the participant’s name or nickname on the staff list of the Eye of Typhoon Remake, postcard with autograph of Kim Jae-hoon, executive producer, 24K pure gold plated 3D emblem commemorating the 30th anniversary of Viccom (7cm * 7cm), Game Manual (English version), and a high quality Outerbox (English version)!

There was a mysterious fighting art called Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon which had been inherited since the Myoung Dynasty. However, it has disappeared and there is nothing left but a legend. Many years have passed and Asian nations such as China and Korea are in the state of chaos. Upon hearing about the mystery of Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon, the strong Western powers are desperately trying to recover it. Because of this, many innocent fighters have been destroyed and the secret book of Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon is beginning to reveal its real images...

Will Kuk-Cho-Ho-Kwon be resurrected? By whom...?


  • This item is limited to 1200 copies.
  • The highest level of graphics and high-quality controls aimed at the arcade market have already crossed the limit.
  • 14 original characters with distinctive characteristics.
  • Relieve stress with gorgeous special moves.
  • A variety of duels are possible with single & team battles.
  • A reprint package with old memories reheats old gamers’ hearts.
  • A perfect Korean translation after 25 years.