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Octopath Traveler - Wayfarer’s Edition [Nintendo Switch]



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Eight travelers. Eight stories to be told. Explore a never-before-seen fantasy world in Octopath Traveler - Wayfarer’s Edition from Square Enix for the Nintendo Switch.

Wayfarer's Edition includes the Octopath Traveler: Sound Selections CD, a cloth double-sided world map, a replica coin of the in-game currency and an 8-page pop-up book featuring characters and origins!

Discover stunning “HD-2D” visuals, a gripping combat system that breaks the conventions of turn-based battles, and deep individual storylines that will chart your course across the vast and wondrous continent of Orsterra.

Step into the shoes of a traveler to inherit their struggles and strengths. Use each character’s special abilities to interact with the world and enhance your tactics in turn-based battles. The Dancer’s alluring charm leads followers into battle, whereas the Apothecary can mix items to heal allies or unleash explosive attacks. Discover enemy weaknesses and target them to break through their defenses.

Store Boost Points with each turn and then spend them at strategic times to strengthen abilities, chain attacks, or provide aid. Choose the path you wish to walk and discover what lies beyond the horizon.

An Adventure All Your Own

Begin your journey as one of eight travelers, each with their own origin, talents and goals. Where will your tale begin? Who will you team up with? And where will you go next? Go it alone, or delve into each of the seven other travelers’ independent stories as you journey onwards.

Traveler Traits

Each hero brings a different tale to be told, new perspectives on the game’s turn-based combat, and special abilities to use out in the field. Experiment with these unique skills to fell foes, complete side quests, and influence the world around you.

The Thrill of Battle

Put your party’s skills to the test with an accessible yet deep combat system. Draw upon each traveler’s Talents to gain an edge in battle, then break through enemy lines using the unique Boost system. Up to four of your travelers can fight side-by-side in your party, so expect some intense fights ahead!

Will you expand your horizons as the Merchant or track down a traitor as the Warrior? Where will you go? Who will join you? You alone can choose your path!


  • Use each character's distinctive abilities (Path Actions), skills and talents in frenetic battles.
  • Experience visuals inspired by retro 2D RPGs with beautiful realistic elements set in a 3D world.
  • Solve side quests and story scenarios in a few different ways and take decisions that shape your path.
  • Play as eight different characters, each with their own stories to uncover and side quests to complete.
  • Enjoy the accessible yet deep turn-based combat battle system and break through enemy lines by identifying and targeting their weaknesses.
  • Explore the enchanting yet perilous world of Orsterra, spanning 8 vast regions and discover each character’s full story as their journey unfolds.